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After a brief stint as the #2 team in the AFC Brandon Bolden Jersey , the New England Patriots overtook the Kansas City Chiefs and are back as the favorites to represent the conference in Super Bowl LIII, per oddsmaker Bovada.The Patriots have 5/2 odds (28.6%) of winning the conference, edging out the Chiefs with 11/4 odds (26.7%). The Los Angeles Chargers (8/1, 11.1%) rank third, while the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with 17/2 odds (10.5%). The Jacksonville Jaguars are the AFC South favorites with 9/1 odds (10.0%).The three other teams worth consideration are the Cincinnati Bengals with 16/1 odds (5.9%), Houston Texans with 18/1 odds (5.3%), and Miami Dolphins with 33/1 odds (2.9%).What these odds illustrate is that the AFC West is considered a top-heavy powerhouse between the Chiefs and Chargers (combined 37.8% chance of representing the conference), and the AFC South isn’t expected to make much noise in the postseason (Jaguars and Texans combine for a measly 15.3%).The AFC North’s three-team competition could ultimately prevent any of them from winning the AFC, as the odds of the Steelers, Ravens, or Bengals representing the conference (combined 26.9%) is less than the Patriots alone (28.6%). This is likely because the competition in the division could prevent any of the teams from earning a first round bye, making the road to the Super Bowl much more difficult.In fact Sony Michel Color Rush Jersey , Bovada has odds for whether the Patriots and Chiefs will play each other in the AFC Championship Game set at 2/1 (33.3%), which is pretty high odds with so much time left in the season.Looking at the big picture, the Patriots have the second-best odds of winning Super Bowl LII at 6/1 (14.3%), trailing only the Los Angeles Rams (10/3; 23.1%). The Chiefs (7/1; 12.5%), New Orleans Saints (8/1; 11.1%), and Minnesota Vikings (12/1; 7.7%) round out the top five. Article updated to account for the Dolphins week 10 loss to the Packers.The New England Patriots were demolished by the Tennessee Titans, but Bill Belichick and company are still in the driver’s seat in the AFC East. If the following super-realistic events take place, then the Patriots will be able to clinch the division in week 14.Take note that this isn’t the only scenario, just a very likely scenario.How the Patriots can clinch the AFC EastSo long as the Patriots beat the Dolphins in week 14, they will have the head-to-head tiebreaker sweep against Miami. That means the Patriots would win any tiebreaker scenarios with the Dolphins. If the Patriots get nine wins with one against the Dolphins and then one against either the Jets or Vikings; and the Dolphins lose to the Patriots and then one of their next two opponents; and the Bills and Jets record their eighth loss of the year, then New England will clinch the AFC East in week 14.This works because the Patriots will have 9 wins, making it impossible for the eight-loss Bills and Jets to rank ahead of New England. The scenario also has the Dolphins with seven losses , meaning that at best they could record nine wins on the year- and if the Patriots hold the head-to-head tiebreaker, then nine-win at worst New England Patriots would win the division.That’s pretty realistic and there are other options. If the Patriots win their next three, then the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets will be eliminated from the AFC East regardless of how they perform. This scenario has the Patriots reaching 10-3, while handing the Dolphins their sixth loss of the year and New England would have the head-to-head tiebreaker The Bills and Jets have no path to 10 victories.A third path that’s less likely involves the Patriots losing to both the Jets and Vikings, but defeating the Dolphins to get to 8-5. If the Dolphins lose their next three to fall to 5-8; the Bills and Jets lose to the Jaguars and the Titans, respectively; and the Bills and Jets tie in week 14 to have matching 4-8-1 records, then the Patriots will also clinch the division.The two previously listed scenarios are far more likely.There are multiple paths to winning the AFC East, but all routes are likely to converge in week 14. Winning the division is the first major milestone that Bill Belichick always has his eyes set on each season- and if the Patriots take care of business, there’s a chance that the week 15 showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers could secure a first round bye for New England.

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