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The Colts head to Jacksonville for round two against the Jaguars in a game that finds the Jags disheveled and reeling from organizational changes , suspensions, and injuries. While it seems like a game the Colts should almost certainly win, it is a really important one as the Colts work to make the playoffs. It can’t be taken lightly. I reached out to Ryan O’Bleness of Big Cat Country again to get his perspective on a few questions heading into this game.This has been a crazy week for the Jaguars as an organization with the firing of OC Nathaniel Hackett, the benching of Blake Bortles, and the suspension of Leonard Fournette. What should we expect to see from this Jaguars’ offense? The Jaguars -- as both a team and an organization -- are in shambles right now. I have to imagine that all of this turmoil bodes well for the Colts. In addition to all of that, the Jaguars also put prized free agent left guard Andrew Norwell on IR this week, and Jalen Ramsey may miss his first game ever with a knee issue. I really don’t know what to expect from this team, and struggle to talk myself into ways it will even be competitive on Sunday. Cody Kessler will draw the start for Blake Bortles, which is a necessary, but an uninspiring change. Quarterbacks coach Scott Milanovich will take over play-calling and interim offensive coordinator duties. Most of his coaching experience, which includes being both an OC and a head coach, comes from the Canadian Football League. He also played quarterback in the NFL. Carlos Hyde and TJ Yeldon are fine replacement options for Fournette, but they’re not Fournette. I wouldn’t expect the Jaguars to completely differ from what they’ve been doing this season -- running the ball and using quick, shallow crossing routes and some playaction Skai Moore Jersey , but perhaps there will be a few more wrinkles and concepts added in moving forward, but the fact of the matter is that the Jaguars just don’t have the offensive pieces to make any drastic improvements, and that’s due to both injuries and poor roster construction on that side of the ball. I would expect a pretty conservative game plan to try to get Kessler comfortable. In the last matchup between the Colts and Jaguars, the defense seemed out of sorts in the first half and then clamped down on the Colts in the second half. How do you anticipate this defense attacking the Colts offense if they want to find success? That game was a bit out of the norm for the Jacksonville defense. The Jaguars are normally very strong against the pass and not as stout against the rush, but in the first meeting with the Colts, the Jags pretty much shut down the running game, but were carved up by Andrew Luck and Eric Ebron, particularly in the first half. According to Jalen Ramsey, there were some communications issues in the secondary, which caused a lot of the breakdowns. So, whether Ramsey plays or not, that is obviously something that can’t happen again. Then the Jaguars will obviously need to pay better attention to Eric Ebron and make sure there is a body on him at all times. If Jacksonville can shut down the run again, effectively communicate with each other, take away Hilton and Ebron and not only get pressure on Andrew Luck Authentic Anthony Walker Jersey , but actually finish the play with a sack, then they’ll be in good position. Generating turnovers is a must, also. That probably sounds simple and obvious, but the Jags must get back to the basics of their core identity on defense. If you are the defensive coordinator and you have to choose between shutting down T.Y. Hilton or Eric Ebron as a major threat in the upcoming game, who are you planning most for? I am still game-planning against Hilton, however, I know better than to let Ebron roam around free. If Ramsey plays, I would probably shadow Hilton with him, and if he doesn’t I would be confident in A.J. Bouye’s ability to do the same. Ramsey is the more physical cornerback who can press Hilton and has better speed, but Bouye is still probably a top-10 cornerback himself and can handle his own. As for Ebron, I am keeping the speedy Telvin Smith on him -- although he didn’t have the best game in Week 10 -- and I am having him play physical off of Ebron’s release to try to mess up the timing of his route. Another option would be to play the “Big Nickel” package and bring in a third safety, likely rookie Ronnie Harrison, to cover him. The Jaguars have had their struggles playing zone defense this season, so I am not sure that would be the answer. But to answer your question Youth Kenny Moore Jersey , Hilton is the bigger concern to me -- especially with the way that Luck is playing this season. The Jaguars got a ton of yards after the catch against the Colts in the first game and Bortles had a really excellent throw to Donte Moncrief for a big touchdown as well. Is Cody Kessler capable of airing it out like that or will the Jaguars be stuck taking the short throws and trying to turn them into big gains? I think the jury is still out on Kessler because he has such a limited sample size (248 passes in three seasons), but based off of what we know of him, my answer is no. His career long is 44 yards and that was a catch-and-run by Isaiah Crowell. He’s not a player that is going to drive the ball down the field, and as I said earlier I expect the Jaguars to have a pretty conservative game plan with Kessler where the team runs the ball a lot and tries to get the ball out of his hands quickly. I read a good article that came from your site actually, breaking down what we’re likely to get from Kessler. Maybe we will be surprised, but I would expect a lot more of the “dink and dunk” offense.With a season that has inexplicably gone very differently than expected, what is the move that the Jaguars have to make this offseason to right the ship? It 100 percent needs to be quarterback. Whether Kessler is a viable option or not remains to be seen, and perhaps he can be a bridge quarterback for a rookie who needs to develop next year, such as Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. Or perhaps Kessler is not the answer at all, and the Jaguars sign a veteran signal caller in free agency, but the problem with that is it’s looking like a very underwhelming group. Getting into coaching staff and personnel, the Jaguars have to find a good fit at offensive coordinator and one that can keep up with the trends of the modern NFL, while a lot of fans would like to see the team move on from general manager Dave Caldwell. The Jags will obviously need to make a splash there if that’s the case as well. If the struggles continue, defensive coordinator Todd Wash may find himself out of a job soon , too. Colts head coach Frank Reich said after Sunday’s 20-16 loss to the Eagles that he tabbed Jacoby Brissett to throw a Hail Mary at the end of the game because he had the arm to get the ball to the end zone from Colts territory.That obviously means he didn’t feel Andrew Luck had the arm to get the ball there and Luck doesn’t disagree with Reich’s read. Luck said during his postgame press conference that Brissett “has a stronger arm than I do” and had “no problems” with the decision to put him into the game. Luck was asked if he thought he could have made that throw before his right shoulder injury.“I don鈥檛 know,” Luck said. “I was never in a situation to go out there and do it. I think in this situation, to be honest, I don鈥檛 know if I could go out there and do it to run around and scramble, step foot in the ground, and try to chuck it.”Luck was also asked about a game plan that seemed to emphasize shorter throws, as evidenced by his average of four yards per attempt over the course of the afternoon.“We had [deep] shots in the game plan,” Luck said. “You saw us open it up, especially in the second half. I think it never comes down to one thing, per se. I don鈥檛 think I was necessarily throwing it that well early in the game, and then settled into a rhythm. [Colts WR] Ryan Grant made a heck of a touchdown catch early, and that certainly helped me feel in a bit of a rhythm. There are a lot of factors. You can鈥檛 start a game against a good front four just dropping back seven steps and heaving it up.”Reich chalked up the lack of deep throws to the Eagles defense and said “it would have been reckless” to push throws in that scenario. The result was a shortage of points and more losses will likely follow if the Colts can’t figure out a way to open up defenses in the weeks to come.

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