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The New England Patriots have started to create some separation between themselves and the Chicago Bears thanks to some great individual plays in all three phases of the game – two of which interceptions by the defense. First Dwayne Allen Color Rush Jersey , rookie cornerback J.C. Jackson was able to wrestle away the football for his second pick this season:On the very next defensive series, it was Jonathan Jones’ turn to come up with an interception – and it was a spectacular one-handed catch to turn the football over inside New England’s 5-yard line: Despite starting deep inside their own territory, the Patriots were able to march all the way down the field thanks in part to a big 55-yard catch-and-run by wide receiver Josh Gordon. The big play set up New England at the Bears’ 1-yard line – and on 2nd and goal, the team turned Jones’ interception into six points:The play counts as as touchdown pass from Tom Brady but essentially is a perfectly executed run from James White. If you expected any Patriot, much less Rob Gronkowski, to say anything about what their assignments are other than “we’re gonna execute the game plan”, you may be new here.Having said that Adam Butler Jersey , compared with some of the Mean Girls stuff going around in places like Pittsburgh and Jacksonville and Green Bay, the classic Patriot-speak is almost a blessing in disguise at this point. Think of it like a peanut butter sandwich or an old hoodie or something. It works, albeit sort of unspectacularly, so why change it?And now that we’ve at least tabled the Gronk-vs-Kelce debate for the time being, Gronk had some thoughts on the superior part of his game in that argument (that being, of course, the “end” part of the “tight end” position) and why he’s equally down with running up the seam or bench-pressing a defensive end.From PFT:PFT also notes Elandon Roberts Color Rush Jersey , in the “can’t make this stuff up” department, that even with Gronk’s slow-ish receiving start to the season, which will happen when teams are throwing triple-teams and just praying something works, he’s still on pace for...wait for it...69 receptions and 1,080 yards. To hit the yardage incentive part of his re-done contract, he needs 1,085 , and the catch incentive kicks in at 70 grabs, so file that under “when you’ve got somewhere to be at 6pm and the GPS says you’ll get there at 5:59”. The touchdown incentive looks a bit more “well, we got some work to do” at this point, since (you may have heard) he currently has one (1), and the performance trigger kicks in at 9 scores, but with the way this offense has looked since “what happens in Detroit stays in Detroit”, is anyone really betting against Gronk possibly scoring an average of once a week?On the other hand Phillip Dorsett Color Rush Jersey , if there was ever a time to have a pair of tight ends that are both down to stay home and push guys around, it’d be when the Patriots roll into Soldier Field this weekend to take on the Bears, who are suddenly back to looking a lot more like your dad’s Bears than whatever it was John Fox was doing.

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