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Hello everyone and welcome to a bye week edition of the BFTB Mailbag with yours truly. These things have been a blast so far and I find them to be the best way to interact with a lot of you guys who keep up with my ramblings and the blog Justin Jones Color Rush Jersey , itself. I just want to start this out by giving you all a heartfelt thank you for your support and cannot wait to see where the rest of the season takes us.It was a tight game in London this past weekend and, although the team came back stateside with a victory, their performance still didn’t sit well with me but I believe that’s just me needing to not think so hard about the performance that it sucks all the positivity out of it.A win is a win is a win and the team heads into a bye week with all the momentum in the world for a team not called the Chiefs or Rams.If history is any indication, the Chargers likely won’t make any moves prior to this year’s trade deadline.When wide receiver Dontrelle Inman was sent to the Chicago Bears last year for a sixth-round pick, it was the first time since 2007 that the team had made any such move. That year, the team sent a second-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for wide receiver Chris Chambers in a move that many felt was a large mistake for the Chargers.In my opinion, I don’t think there are any obvious players that the team would want to go after. The team is chugging along just fine without some of their best players and things should only get better following the bye week.Don’t expect the team to make any moves that could potentially halt the momentum of the team.At this point, after seeing who Addae wants to be this season and getting a better look at other players who have rotated in on the back end, I don’t even think Addae should be starting on this team.Derwin James is better at everything across the board than Addae. The unfortunate part of this situation is that if James is best around the line of scrimmage and in the box, Addae is left to handle duties as the single high safety. Through seven games, Addae has done nothing but miss tackles and assignments, leaving him no better than any other Joe Blow the team could throw back there.Adrian Phillips has emerged as one of the defenses most consistent playersover the last several weeks and deserves a chance to steal some reps away from Addae although Phillips is doing most of his work aligned as a middle linebacker in the team’s dime package.If Tyrell continues to blow up the way he has in recent weeks, I think it would be a crime to let him walk as a free agent. With Travis Benjamin slowly getting nudged out the door, a wide receiver trio of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Tyrell is incredibly intimidating. Allen is a top-3 route runner in the league, Mike Will possesses a rare blend of size and athletic-ability, and Tyrell adds a combination of length and speed that most defenders hope to never have to face.I’m not sure how long the Chargers will be able to retain all of the young talent they have acquired, but they should attempt to do everything possible to stave off that day for as long as they can.Well Kyzir White Color Rush Jersey , without exaggerating too much, after all of the games he has missed up to this point, I’m pretty much dead enough inside to not have to worry about finding a costume for Halloweeen!On a serious note, everyone knows how much of a fan I am of Forrest Lamp. I still remember sitting on a bench at a gym, sweaty and exhausted, when I got the news that Lamp tore his ACL during the first padded practice of 2017.I sat frozen on that bench for what seemed like forever. A single, manly tear was attempting to escape from my eye. All I could think about was how much time was going to have to pass before I ever got the chance to see #77 on the football field. At this point, all that time has come and gone but I still am unable to watch my favorite player from the 2017 NFL Draft play for this team.He’s healthy. He’s good to go. But this coaching staff is making him take the long route back to a starting position and until the wheels start to fall off in some facet, it doesn’t look like Lamp will make any starts this season for the Chargers.Oh, Jordan. You know damn well that Julio won’t get near five touchdowns so I’d be putting all my money on 2,000 receiving yards.I’ve never seen anything like this touchdown drought and I’m not sure what to really say about it. It almost looks like an inside job by Sarkisian and the staff. Most teams force the ball to much worse players than Julio when they are in the end zone so at this rate, how are they not solely chucking balls his way inside the twenty?I think the best case scenario is 12-4 if the team can come out victorious against the Steelers. A final record of 11-5 would be extremely ideal and obviously a 10-6 record is still an improvement from 9-7.The game against the Steelers, Ravens, Bengals are all tough draws with another match-up with the Chiefs and a pair of contests still left with the Broncos will all be under the microscope throughout the rest of the season.If any single player goes into the bye week healthy but finds their way onto the injury report, than I’ll consider it a loss. The bye week should be for nothing but getting players in top shape to finish out the season and anything to the contrary should give the team a giant L for the week off. The Chiefs won the toss and chose to defer. The Chargers receive the opening kickoff. Justin Jackson starts things off with a nice 4 yard carry. Second play Philip Rivers attempts to uncork one deep to a streaking Tyrell Williams, however pressure up the middle didn’t allow Rivers to step into it and winds up under throwing Tyrell for an interception.The Chiefs offense moved pretty well down the field. Chargers defense lost contain twice, first on a run and then a pass where they almost had Patrick Mahomes for a 15+ yard sack. Both plays turned into long first downs. The Chiefs eventually scored on a pass from Mahomes where basically any other QB would have thrown it away, but he somehow found an open man and got the score.LA’s second drive moved into Chiefs territory on a 22 yard pass to Antonio Gates. However they fizzled before they hit the Chiefs 40 as the Chargers line gave up a sack then a brutal QB hit on back to back plays. 0-2 on drives so far and the Chargers offensive line is getting dominated. The second Chiefs drive looked even easier. The Chargers defense got eaten up by RB screens. The Chiefs also practiced something with their snap count, they’ve drawn 2 offsides penalties on back to back drives Virgil Green Color Rush Jersey , this time 3 of the 4 Chargers linemen jumped in unison. Chiefs score on a long RB screen when the Chargers defense abandoned one whole side of the field and Jahleel Addae was too late getting back to make the stop outside of the end zone.The Chargers finally put a scoring drive together to answer the second Chiefs score. Rivers made some good passes, the OLine finally gave him some time, and they got bailed out by a few Chiefs penalties in the red zone. It took a few tries to get the score, Keenan Allen almost had an amazing catch, literally missed the touchdown by 2 inches trying to control the ball with one hand before he slid out of bounds. They finally got the score from a Rivers rainbow to the corner which Mike Williams, who is finally looking like a Receiver who’s going to be worth his draft position, went up and got it to bring down for the touchdown.Chargers special teams strikes again and gives up a huge return on the following kickoff allowing the Chiefs to start on the Chargers 49. The Chargers defense came up with their first 3rd down stop of the night to force a 3 and out. Special teams got bailed out again. Ekeler’s presence is missed more than on offense. He’s a hell of a coverage guy.Chargers drive the ball all the way down to the red zone again. Mike Williams is looking like a real number 1 today. He is making great catches and getting into perfect position. With just under a minute left, the drive ends on Rivers’ second int of the day in the corner of the end zone when Tyrell Williams couldn’t fight through traffic to get to the ball. Rivers has been getting drilled all game, I’m pretty sure he’s been sacked 4 times already and hit hard 4 or 5 more. He’s got happy feat at this point. Chiefs get the ball back with 40ish seconds left and can’t do anything but kill some time on the clock. Mahomes threw a very bad pass down the field, Adrian Phillips had great position for the INT, Jahleel Addae thought he had better position and jumped in front of Phillips. The ball hit him in the hands and he dropped it. Classic Addae.The Chargers got the ball back with less than 10 seconds, handed it off and went to the locker room. Somehow, only down by 1 score after getting pretty convincingly outplayed for most of the half.Halftime 14-7 ChiefsChiefs open the second half on offense. The drive appears to start well for the Chargers, Joey Bosa is able to lay vicious hits on Mahomes on back to back plays and Mahomes looked like he was complaining to the refs about it. Then he remembers he’s Pat Mahomes and drives the Chiefs down the field to score on a 3 yard run. Chiefs open up a 14 point lead. The Chargers take the next drive and March all the way down the field. Detrez Newsome is running extremely well. He is looking the same against the Chiefs starting D as he did against 2s, 3s and lower in the preseason. They get the ball into the end zone on a reverse to Mike Williams. It was a beautifully executed play. The blocking was fantastic and Mike Williams continued his coming out party by running through arm tackles and showing some burst and acceleration that I honestly didn’t think he was capable of. 21-14 ChiefsThe Chargers defense manned up on the next drive. Darius Philon forced a holding penalty on 1st down to set up 1st & 20. The chargers give up some yardage on 2nd down to set up 3rd & 4. Mahomes dumps it off underneath, 2 yards short of the 1st down to Travis Kelce. Then DROY Derwin James wrapped him up and manhandled him for no gain to force a punt. Great defensive series.The Chargers next drive wasn’t able to accomplish anything and almost ended in a third interception from Rivers.The Chiefs got the ball back and drove down the field aided by some bad Chargers Penalties, including a facemask on a 3rd down that would have forced a punt. They marched all the way down to the goal line on some chunk passes to Travis Kelce and some nice runs. The Chargers put up a momentary goal line stand, even denying Mahomes on a keeper from the 1, but eventually gave up the score. The Chiefs are back up to a 14 point lead Caleb Sturgis Color Rush Jersey , 28-14 Chiefs with just over 8 minutes left.The Chargers get the ball back and open the drive with a nice 14 yard pass to Tyrell Williams, then another 8 yarder to Tyrell, then a 14 yarder to Antonio Gates and they are already inside the Chiefs 40. Another chunk pass to Justin Jackson out of backfield and the Chargers are down inside the 25. Rivers connects with old man Gates again for another 1st down just outside the 10. A hard run from Detrez Newsome and a quick slant to Tyrell Williams puts the Chargers at 3rd and 3 from the 6. Rivers overthrows Mike Williams and it’s 4th and 3. Chargers have to go for it. Rivers cant connect with Tyrell Williams, but he was very blatantly held before the pass by Steven Nelson and the Chargers get 1st and goal from the 3. Justin Jackson follows his blockers perfectly, Russel Okung and Virgil Green made great blocks, Chargers TD. 28-21 Chiefs with 3:43 left in the game. Mahomes takes the field deeper than normal thanks to a block in the back on the kick return which puts the Chiefs on their own 11 yard line. Chargers D looks ready to go out and help the team win. 1st play Philon explodes through the line and drops the RB for a 3 yard loss. 3:37 left with the clock stopped as the Chargers use their 1st time out of the second half, 2nd and 13. Quick pass to Tyreek Hill for 5 yards, 3rd and 8. Chargers burn their 2nd time out to stop the clock at 3:30. Chiefs have a false start to push them back 5 yards, 3rd and 13 now. ISSAC ROCHELLE AND MELVIN INGRAM GET TO MAHOMES FOR THE SACK!!! 4th and 14 from their own 6, and the Chiefs punter is at the back of their own endzone. Dez King, in the scariest moment of the game yet, muffs the punt but recovers it himself at the Chargers 40. Rivers has 2:37, the 2 min warning and a TO to go 60 yards and score. The Drive starts out in the wrong direction on a holding penalty by Dan Feeney. Chris Jones has been abusing the Chargers Guards all night. Rivers drops back though and finds Travis Benjamin over the middle who somehow holds onto the ball after one of the most brutal hits I have seen in years that didn’t draw a flag. I didn’t see any helmet to helmet, honestly it looked pretty clean, but Benjamin got absolutely ROCKED by 2 Chiefs defenders. He’s earned a few weeks of not getting called scared of contact after that. Well done. Next play is incomplete to Travis Williams and the clock hits 1:59.2 Minute Warning.Rivers dumps it off to Just Jackson who barely catches the ball and because of it fails to escape to the sideline which gets them a 2 yard gain and keeps the clock moving. Next play is incomplete to Tyrell Williams. 4th and 8. RIVERS DOES IT! He finds Travis Benjamin over the middle again with just a beautiful throw. Such a tight window, 1st and goal from the 10!Rivers makes the right read and attempts to hit Justin Jackson out of the backfield but he under throws it and his the defender in the back. The next play Rivers has to tuck it and run and with his knee down he takes a HUGE helmet to helmet hit that doesn’t get called. The league is going to have to answer for that.3rd and goal. 13 seconds. The Chargers get a make-up call immediately as the Chiefs are called for pass interference in the end zone.1st and goal from the 1, 8 seconds left. CHARGERS TOUCHDOWN!!! RIVERS CONNECTS WITH MIKE WILLIAMS!!!The play is reviewed and stands as called. 27-28 Chiefs and Anthony Lynn rolls the dice to keep Rivers on the field and go for 2 and the win.The Chargers dial up the most beautiful play I’ve ever seen and Mike Williams and nobody within 15 yards of him. Rivers sees it and easy pass. CHARGERS LEAD 29-28 with 4 seconds left.Michael Badgely squibs the kickoff and the Chiefs are unable to do anything as the clock ticks to 0.THE CHARGERS WIN IN KC!!!!RIVERS FOR PRESIDENT!!! ANTHONY LYNN FOR PRESIDENT!!! MIKE WILLIAMS FOR PRESIDENT!!!

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