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The "touch pass" version of the Jet Sweep has been abundant in college football for a few years now Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey Stitched , and can be seen making its way into the NFL:Plays like this are an easy way to get a speedy..."The “touch pass” version of the Jet Sweep has been abundant in college football for a few years now, and can be seen making its way into the NFL:Plays like this are an easy way to get a speedy player the ball on the run, and they go into the box score as a an easy completion for your quarterback.Against the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns ran a play action pass off of this look, utilizing the same pre-snap motion to pull the Ravens’ secondary apart before throwing it deep. QB Baker Mayfield faked the touch pass to RB Duke Johnson who came in motion, and threw to a wide-open Jarvis Landry who was streaking down the seam as a part of a 4 verts concept.But this particular fake was nothing I’ve ever seen before: Baker actually tossed the himself. Here’s a look at the play:It’s no coincidence that Baker recreated a Brett Favre photo for draft day Youth Duke Johnson Jersey , as these kinds of ad-libbed fakes are straight out of the Favre playbook. Hopefully we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative Mayfield ball fakes because they are fun, creative, and they seem to be effective as well.Tyrod Taylor is what he has always been Tyrod Taylor is the best bridge quarterback the Cleveland Browns have employed since Gary Danielson in 1985. The Tyrod Taylor that was on the field Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium is also likely going to be the Tyrod Taylor that Browns fans will see all season, which doesn’t negate the opening sentence.While the weather certainly played a factor as Taylor completed just 37.5 percent of his passes (15-of-40), that shouldn’t make fans believe that a different Taylor will line up under center next week against the New Orleans Saints. Taylor under threw several passes against the Pittsburgh Steelers, was hesitant to take chances down the field and looked to run rather than wait for a play to develop. And when he did wait Duke Johnson Jersey Stitched , he often waited too long, which helped contribute to him taking seven sacks on the day. (Not to give the offensive line a pass, but you can’t hang all those sacks on those guys.)But Taylor also showed his toughness and, despite things not going the Browns way, never gave up. That may not sound like much, but when his teammates see Taylor pick himself up and keep attacking Youth Jaelen Strong Jersey , that is contagious. It is also part of being a leader at the quarterback position.That leadership was on display following the game as Taylor did not blame the weather or point fingers for his struggles (a lesson his head coach could learn from), according to, in just his first regular season game with the team, Taylor gave Browns fans a view of everything he is and is not as a quarterback. His numbers, most notably his completion percentage, will rise in the coming weeks Jaelen Strong Jersey Stitched , but he will still take sacks and still not take chances with the ball.Taylor has been in the NFL for eight years now, and at this point in his career he is what he is as a quarterback. To expect him to be anything else is not being realistic.

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