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Odell Beckham would like you to know that if he was a problem on the Giants Youth Baker Mayfield Jersey , it’s because he had a problem with the Giants’ complacency about going 6-10 or worse in four of his five seasons there.In a series of tweets, Beckham responded to a comment from Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman in which Gettleman was asked if the Giants had a culture problem and answered, “Not anymore.” Some saw Gettleman’s statement as saying the Giants got rid of their culture problem when they traded Beckham to the Browns, and Beckham didn’t appreciate that suggestion.“Ask any one of my teammates of who I was as a teammates and a man and a person,” Beckham wrote. “Yes I’m cancer to a place that’s ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD. Ur absolutely correct!”Beckham said he’s happier in Cleveland.“I’ve never been in a place so happy in my life, my soul Baker Mayfield Jersey Stitched , my spirit, is at an all time high!” Beckham wrote.Beckham and Gettleman may both agree that the trade was for the best. On Monday, the potential door to Green Bay closed on Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. On Tuesday, McDaniels closed the door on leaving the Patriots, at least for this year.After a conference call with reporters during which McDaniels said he won’t interview with any other teams during the 2019 cycle, McDaniels confirmed to Phil Perry of that McDaniels will indeed stay put.This year Myles Garrett Jersey Stitched , McDaniels interviewed only with the Packers. The Browns reportedly were interested in McDaniels, and the interest reportedly was mutual. However, it appears that any interest will be going nowhere. (In theory, McDaniels presumably could have taken the Browns job without a formal interview; he previously interviewed for the job in 2014.)PFT reported over the weekend, when McDaniels was still a viable candidate for the Green Bay job, that the Patriots were preparing for McDaniels to leave David Njoku Jersey Stitched , either for Green Bay or Cleveland. The Patriots can now stop those preparations and focus exclusively on winning one or more (ideally, three) postseason games.McDaniels wouldn’t have interviewed for the Packers job (or any other job) unless he had real interest in taking the job. McDaniels declined an opportunity to interview with the Bengals. None of the other teams with vacancies formally pursued him.

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